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Krah Tube Machine

Krah Tube are made from HD-PE100 is produced with an integrated electrol fusion joint socket and spigot. The tube is completely helically extruded with profiles or solid wall, tailor made for any kind of application within the standards. The tubes have no welding seams or any weak points and are completely monolithic made from high density PE100. There is no recycled mixed material used, to assure an excellent quality of the pipes which is assuring the service cycle of many years.

Krah Tube Machine Display

Advantages of Krah Tube

The tubes are also lightweight with the required wall thickness of the waterway according to the standard and can be adjusted for any kind of internal and or outer pressure. This is a cost saving matter to avoid the usage of over designed tubes according to the application requirements.

Tube material does not interact chemically with the soil, so it’s absolutely environmentally friendly and can be recycled to 100% as well. No blockages will appear, no bacteria or anything can find a hold on the pipe due to its smooth antibacterial inner surface.The bright color of the inner surface makes the tube system inspection-friendly.

No heavy lifting equipment is needed to install the tubes, lifting with simple excavators is possible and therefore there is no more dredging work necessary, which is more expensive during the construction work. In a bigger city, it is no longer necessary to close all lanes of the road for the tube installation work.

Final Product of Krah Tube

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